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Referrals to the Pulmonary Hypertension Program

Why refer patients to the PH clinic?
PH is a relatively uncommon disease in the general population. The physicians and allied health professionals working in the PH clinic specialize in the diagnosis and management of this disease. The PH clinic allows for centralization of resources and expertise and the provision of multidisciplinary care for patients with PH. Centralized assessment and care of the PH population in BC also allows for epidemiologic tracking within the provincial health care system and standardization of care within the province. The PH clinic at VGH is the only site in BC with the multidisciniplary skills and resources necessary to initiate advanced therapies for PH. The PH clinic also provides access to investigation therapies through participation in clinical trial.

How to refer patients to the PH clinic:
The VGH pulmonary hypertension clinic welcomes referrals for the diagnostic workup and management of patients with known or suspected pulmonary hypertension. Referrals are accepted from all geographic locations in British Columbia. Physicians wishing to refer patients to the program can complete the PH clinic referral form and fax or mail to our office at the coordinates above along with relevant supporting documentation. We encourage all referring physicians to follow up referral by telephone to ensure that the necessary documents have been received and processed. Please contact the clinic directly by phone for urgent referrals or concerns.

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