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Nursing and Allied Health Professionals Respiratory Update 2012 – March 9, 2012

Local Experts Share Info On Common Health Conditions

Asthma 101 - Dr. Mark Fitzgerald, head of the UBC Division of Respiratory Medicine, shares insights on how to live well with asthma. (click here for video)
What is sleep apnea? - Dr. John Fleetham, UBC Professor of Respiratory Medicine (click here for video)

Spirometry Service

A new walk-in spirometry service is being offered at The Lung Centre. No pre-booking necessary - just show up with your requisition signed by your physician.

Who should be referred for spirometry?

  • At risk populations: smokers and ex-smokers over 40 years old, anyone exposed to environmental or workplace irritants, anyone with the aforementioned risk factors scheduled for abdominal or thoracic surgery, anyone with a family history of lung disease
  • Anyone with recurrent respiratory symptoms: cough, shortness of breath with minimal exertion, wheeze, frequent colds involving respiratory infections
  • Anyone with a previously identified lung disease, in order to track lung function over time and assist physicians in recommending appropriate treatment
For spirometry clinic referral form click here
For more info about the Spirometry Clinic click here
For clinic location and directions click here

COPD Clinic

We welcome referrals to The COPD Clinic at The Lung Centre. Our clinic provides:

  • Lung Function Assessments
  • Consultation with a Respirologist
  • Meetings with the COPD educator to:
    • discuss self-management strategies
    • learn to recognize and avoid flare-ups
    • use an action plan to treat flare-ups
    • practice proper use of inhalers
    • work towards quitting smoking
  • Follow-up visits and further referrals as necessary

Our goal is to provide patients with treatment and management techniques through detailed assessments, comprehensive education, counseling and guidance that will help improve their day to day life.

Refer to The COPD Clinic

Virtual Tour

Vancouver General Hospital Virtual Tour for Respiratory and Thoracic Surgery Patients

The virtual tour details areas throughout Vancouver General Hospital and BC Cancer Agency a respiratory patient or thoracic surgery patient may need to access while their lung problems are being investigated or treated. You may view the entire virtual tour or view portions of the tour.

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